Gernot Gruber
Principal Investigator:
Gernot Gruber Personal webpage
University of Vienna Webpage
Project title:
Online Content Management System for Vienna Music Institutions
Further collaborators:
Christoph Reuter (University of Cologne, Institute of Musicology)
Dietrich Schueller (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Phonogramme Archive)
Thomas Aigner (City of Vienna, Schubert Archive)
Peter Donhauser (Technical Museum Vienna)
Completed (01.09.2004 – 31.05.2008) 45 months


It is planned to built up an universally applicable content management system optimised for musicological topics with individually customisable input and output templates for connected partners. Embedded in this system will be a partly password-protected communication and file sharing area for scientist, non-university experts (music publishers, archives, museums, labels etc.) and music-interested laypersons.


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