Digital Humanism

Digital Humanism is a joint initiative from actors in science, politics, business and civil society, committed to making technological development human-centered, according to the motto: we can and want to actively shape the world we live in, while we still have the opportunity to do so - "we can choose anything ... as long as we can still choose anything." We want to continue living in a civilization based on the rule of law, fundamental and human rights, the social market economy and fact-based free discourse.

The starting point for Digital Humanism in Vienna is based on preliminary work by the WWTF (2019 study) and the "Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism", which you can read and sign here.




„Now is the time to define how we want to live as humans in a digitalised world.“

Dr. Michael Stampfer, Managing Director WWTF

WWTF Research funding

In 2020, WWTF launched its first major call for projects in the field of Digital Humanism, calling for computer scientist and researchers from the humanities and social sciences to work together interdisciplinary on questions of digitization. 

All research projects at a glance

Roadmaps Projects

Current calls


Digital Humanism Observatorium

Study on Digital Humanism stakeholders in Vienna

2019, WWTF GmbH

Brochure Digital Humanism in Vienna

2022, City of Vienna

Digital Humanism Initiative @TU Wien

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