Our daily work is guided by respectful cooperation with our partners and a clear focus on our mission. Our team consists of experts from different research areas.

Board of Directors

The six-member Board of Directors is the decision-making body of the WWTF. The board is led by president Dr. Michael Häupl.

Advisory Board

The 26 members of the Advisory Board represent a broad range of academia, local politics and business.

Michael Stampfer

Managing Director 

Donia Lasinger

Deputy Managing Director & Gender Focal Point 

Michael Strassnig

Authorised representative WWTF GmbH, Deputy Managing Director WWTF & Programme Manager 

Grace Liu

Programme Manager & Dual Career Service Support 

Benjamin Missbach

Programme Manager 

Petra Steinkogler

Programme Manager & Gender Focal Point 

Magdalena Wicher

Programme Management Assistant 

Gerda Adam


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