Our mission is to support outstanding research through competitive research funding. Excellent scientific projects are selected according to strict criteria and through high-quality procedures. Projects receive substantial financial support from the WWTF. The scientific work is embedded in socially relevant issues through carefully planned focus areas and active networking between disciplines and institutions. In this way, we aim to contribute to shaping a better world through science and research.

How and who do we fund?

We establish long-term thematic programmes to strengthen the Vienna research community where necessary. Within these programmes, regular calls are run for individuals and/or projects.


We support larger scientific projects that have a perspective towards medium- to long-term economic and/or societal benefits. The funding is to be used primarily for personnel costs. Project durations range from 2-4 years. The funding amount may range up to € 1 million per project, depending on the call for proposals.


With funds from the City of Vienna, we aim to attract promising young researchers from abroad to Vienna and help them establish long-term roots in Vienna. A maximum total funding of € 1.6 million, distributed over 6-8 years is provided to enable the researcher to establish their first own independent research group.

Additional Measures

We also finance accompanying projects, although to a lesser extent and mainly within our existing programs. The maximum funding amount is €100,000. The initiative for such projects comes from the WWTF.

Get to know our Team

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