May 18, 2020

COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions concerning WWTF Funding Programmes

COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions concerning WWTF Funding Programmes

Can proposals still be submitted in open calls?

Yes. As we only allow for electronic submissions anyway, this process is not affected by COVID-19. 

Does COVID-19 affect the submission deadlines?

The deadline for the LS20 short proposals has been postponed until the 2nd of June. The deadline for the ESR20 full proposals has been shifted to June 3, 2020. The deadline for the submissions to the VRG programme has been extended until July 14. Please follow this link for details.

How will information/changes regarding calls and proposal submissions be communicated?

All call documents are available online and important information will also be announced via our mailing list. All events and meetings are cancelled until further notice. All documents and powerpoint slides are available online. 

How will decisions made in the application process be communicated?

For the time being, we will switch to electronic communication only, i.e. you will receive an email. However, no (major) decisions are expected for the next months.

What if project related trips have been cancelled due COVID-19 and the costs will not be reimbursed?

Should it be impossible to be reimbursed by the organiser/company/airline, you can claim the costs from the project budget. Please keep the documentation for WWTF accounting.

Does WWTF office currently do project site visits?

Site visits are currently held virtually or are postponed until further notice. WWTF will contact you individually for the respective arrangements.

What if the funding contract has not yet been signed and the funding decision was in the last six months?

Please contact the responsible programme manager directly to discuss a possible extension of the contracting deadline.

What if the WWTF project was supposed to start in the next few months?

Please contact the responsible programme manager directly to discuss the postponement of the project start. 

What if COVID-19 makes it difficult or impossible to conduct the research (e.g. as labs are closed)?

  • WWTF will take the situation into account and will be very generous (details to be defined) with project extensions beyond the general 12 months cost-neutral extension rule.
  • If you cannot conduct research at the moment, there is no need to inform us immediately. Please explain/address delays in the next report.
  • You can continue to pay project staff with WWTF funding, even if it is impossible to go to work given the current governmental and institutional regulations.
  • The budget planned for conferences and meetings which will not take place can be shifted and used for personnel costs.

What if there are delays in the submission of the annual/final reports (e.g. due to clinical commitments) thereby delaying the payment of project instalments?

Please contact us directly and we will find a solution.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We are available from 10am until 2pm telephonically and will reply to emails as quickly as possible.

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