WWTF adopts new Open Science Policy

WWTF fully commits to open science. We consider open science as part of our commitment to improved data quality in research projects and science in general. The new Open Science Policy is the result of an innovation and learning process within WWTF, and a further development of our Open Access policy, now putting a stronger emphasis on Open Data. We aim at funding research that is guided by the principle “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”. We understand Open Science as both a commitment of and for the researchers funded through our programs. To facilitate the implementation both for researchers funded by WWTF and within our organization, we have outlined different rights, roles and responsibilities in our new Open Science Policy.

Most importantly, WWTF commits to fostering the transition to Open Science (OS) by applying measures of openness and adoption of ­­the FAIR principles (https://www.go-fair.org/fair-principles/) with internal processes. Furthermore, WWTF is a signatory of The Declaration on Research Assessment – DORA: https://sfdora.org/. WWTF has additionally committed to ensuring funds related to the cost of open access publication and data management, as well as the stewardship of OS practices.

„As a research funding organization we want to foster the improvement of data quality in our research projects and in science.“

Michael Stampfer, Managing Director of WWTF

Throughout the development process of the policy, WWTF has identified two main areas of focus:

  1. provision of access to publications and
  2. provision of access to shareable research data.

Therefore, funded publications and research data must be made available under an open-usage license, such as Creative Commons (CC, BY, CC0) or similar according to cOAlition S standards (https://www.coalition-s.org/faq/which-licences-are-compliant-with-plan-s-2/).

WWTF’s new Open Science Policy is the product of a thorough process, including but not limited to intensive discussions in-house with our boards, with researchers, as well as exchange and reflection processes with fellow research funding organisations within the framework of Co-Change Project. In WWTF’s Co-Change Lab, we have seized the opportunity to exchange with fellow European RFOs about their experience with implementing Open Science and Open Access principles into their funding schemes. Click here to read WWTF Deputy Managing Director Donia Lasinger’s interview about the adaptation of our funding guidelines and the incorporation of Open Science and Open Access principles into our research funding: https://cochangeproject.eu/article/brief-talk-with-donia-lasinger

The “Open Access Regulation” concerns all projects submitted and accepted before March 9th of 2022. The “Open Science Policy” concerns all projects submitted and accepted after March 9th of 2022. For more information and download of the WWTF Open Science Policy please click here: https://www.wwtf.at/funding/our-principles/downloads/open-access-and-open-science-policy

For questions or further information please contact Dr. Donia Lasinger

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