Art(s)&Sciences Call 2009SSH09-061

Model House - Mapping Transcultural Modernism

Model House - Mapping Transcultural Modernism
Principal Investigator:
Completed (01.03.2010 – 31.05.2012)
Funding volume:
€ 237,600


Based on the studies on three modernist architectural projects realized in the times of decolonization the project "Model House - Mapping Transcultural Modernisms" will cover and visualize specific social relations and the transcultural character of Modernism by mapping and publishing them in online cartographies. The project will study and present the mutual migration of discourses, people and practices across geographical places. It offers advantages to art-historical approaches by using the means of artistic research and decentred knowledge production as well as new media dissemination strategies. The project will create cartographies during the research, in which various local actors, artistic practices, investigations and theories on post-war building concepts are made visible and available to students, international scholars and a non-academic public. The project will thereby have an artistic and pedagogic value, as well as an academic one. Moreover, it establishes a research tool for the planned Centers for Transcultural Studies, Digital Cultures and Art/Knowldege at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.



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