COVID-19 Rapid Response

In times of global Corona crisis, science is highly active: helping to develop medical tests, therapies, and vaccines; forecasting how the pandemic will unfold; and dealing with the societal consequences. To respond quickly to the challenges of the crisis and collect research-relevant data in a timely manner, the WWTF launched the "COVID-19 Rapid Response Call" in just one week in early 2020, endowed with our own funds and two private stakeholders. From all submissions, 24 research projects (max. € 50,000 per project) from different scientific disciplines could be funded.

Contact: Michael Stampfer

Without much anticipation, COVID-19 affected Europe in a dramatic speed at the beginning of March 2020. Scientific expertise was and still is important to deal with the crisis, however, to base it on evidence, data is needed. Furthermore, data had to be collected swiftly in a very dynamic development. The WWTF Rapid Response Call aimed at supporting data collection in a crisis at its peak. As a result, we developed and exected a call within 10 days. 

We thank two private donors (one of which is the MEGA Bildungsstiftung) who help sponsoring this call as well as the City of Vienna which match the private contributions.


Funding volume: € 1.058.321,65 

Number of applications: 40 
Awarding procdure: The process focussed on speed while maintainig quality assurance. Rectorates of universities and heads of research institution in Vienna made an internal preselection of applications.

In the final step, the call jury selected the projects for funing in an online meeting. 

Jury meeting: March 30, 2020.

Corona Booklet Reflexion aller Fördernehmer*innenread online

Contact person: Michael Stampfer


  • Thomas Dorner | Medical University of Vienna
  • Irene Fialka | iNiTS
  • Klemens Himpele | WWTF Advisory Board & Municipality of Vienna
  • Helga Nowotny | ERA Council Forum Austria & Austrian Council
  • Fritz Ohler | formaly technopolis
  • Rudolf Winter-Ebmer | JKU Linz



Funded projects

COVID - 19 Projects

Lecture Series
"Vienna vs. Virus" 

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