Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

For all project calls, researchers are eligible to apply via their research institutions. In the case of Vienna Research Groups, the application is submitted via a sponsor at a Viennese university/research institution. Eligibility is also specified in more detail in the respective call documents. Research institutions are universities and non-university research institutions. In the case of natural persons, however, an institutional integration appropriate to the planned project size is a prerequisite for funding. As a rule, the main applicants come from Viennese universities and research institutions or are active at these institutions after the start of the project.

How are panels compiled?

Unlike many national research funders, the WWTF uses a call / jury system for selecting funded projects. This means that a certain budget is dedicated for a call, which cannot be exceeded even for other projects that are in principle worthy of funding. The decision-making on the content is made exclusively by an international jury. With the help of the WWTF committees, in particular the Advisory Board, this panel is adapted to the call content for each call and put together specifically. The members of the panel are exclusively international experts from the subject areas relevant to the call. The members of the call jury are largely from academia, but may also involve individuals from industry research. WWTF emphasizes on the high scientific reputation of call jury members. The call juries have full authority to evaluate the content of the projects and to make funding recommendations to the WWTF committees based on these evaluations. The expert opinions obtained support the jury in its decision-making process, but the jury is not bound by the individual evaluations made by the experts.   

How are proposals reviewed?

The WWTF guideline stipulates a minimum number of two expert opinions per proposal. As a rule, the WWTF obtains 3, usually 4, reviews per proposal. The main criteria for the selection of the reviewers are their proximity to the topic as well as their research experience. The reviewers are exclusively international and may not be biased in their evaluation (usually no current collaborations, no co-publications in the last 5 years). Applicants can propose reviewers during the application process. The majority of the reviewers will be proposed by the jury. The reviews will be collected by the WWTF office. All expert opinions will be made available to the applicants in anonymous form when the decision is communicated. 


Funding Decision

WWTF calls are usually very competitive, as a limited call budget is often matched by a large number of excellent researchers in the Viennese research landscape. This means that a funding rejection does not necessarily mean that an application is not qualitatively good, but only that it did not prevail in comparison to the other applications submitted. Immediate resubmission of the rejected application is not possible in this system due to the time-limited calls with respective specific topics. In case of another WWTF call corresponding to the topic of the application, rejected applications can be resubmitted. These will then be treated as new, original applications. 

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