Peter Markowich
Principal Investigator:
Peter Markowich Personal webpage
University of Vienna, Faculty of Mathematics Webpage
Mathematical Methods for Image Analysis and Processing in the Visual Arts
Weitere ProjektpartnerInnen:
Wolfgang Baatz (Academy of Fine Arts, Institute for Conservation and Restoration)
Brigitte Kowanz (University for Applied Arts, Department of Transmedial Art)
Massimo Fornasier (Austrian Academy of Sciences, RICAM)
Abgeschlossen (01.11.2006 – 31.10.2010) 48 Monate
€ 400.000


This project develops new tools for the implementation of real world applications in the realm of mathematical imaging and vision, restoration of paintings and creative production of visual artwork. In particular we shall develop sophisticated inpainting tools for virtual wall fresco restoration based on variational techniques, work on fourth order partial differential inpainting models and on image segmentation by level-set and free boundary techniques. Also we shall analyse and implement a class nonlinear diffusive second order differential equations for image smoothing, which will be used to retouch high resolution digital images and to produce creative modifications of light installations of large interior and exterior environments.


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