Nikolaus Franke
Principal Investigator:
Nikolaus Franke Personal webpage
Vienna University of Economics and Business Webpage
Implications of Toolkits for User Innovation and Design
Weitere ProjektpartnerInnen:
Eric von Hippel (MIT, Sloan School of Management)
Frank Piller (Technical University of Munich)
Alfred Taudes (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Ralph Sichler (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Abgeschlossen ( – ) 57 Monate
€ 270.000


This research project aims to study the implications of so-called "toolkits for user innovation and design" (TUID). TUID is a new concept suggesting to providing customers with a technology that allows them to design their own individual products. Customers become active creators and even innovators. In this project we aim to empirically analyze the benefits and drawbacks of this concept from both, the manufacturer's and the customer's perspective.


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