Damir Filipovic
Principal Investigator:
Damir Filipovic Personal webpage
Vienna University of Economics and Business Webpage
Mathematics and Economics
Abgeschlossen (01.10.2007 – 30.09.2012) 60 Monate
€ 1.500.000


Upon being awarded the grant, the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business merged their finance departments in 2007, to establish the “Vienna Institute of Finance”, headed by Damir Filipovic (previously a professor for financial and actuarial theory at LMU Munich). His appointment as a WWTF Science Chair aimed at tapping synergy effects resulting from integrating mathematics in business finance within the scope of his research activities. Professor Filipovic made salient contributions to developing Vienna as a top location for financial and actuarial theory.

In 2010 Damir Filipovic accepted a call for a full professorship at EPFL. At EPFL he currently heads the Swiss Finance Institute and is Swissquote Chair in Quantitative Finance.


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