ICT Call 2012 / ICT12-001
Uwe Zdun
Principal Investigator:
University of Vienna Webpage
Supporting Containment Checking for UML Behaviour Diagrams (CONTAINER) Project Webpage
Abgeschlossen (01.01.2013 – 31.01.2017) 49 Monate
€ 394.000


For many software systems today, models are used to describe the behavior of the system. High-level models are used for tasks such as defining core concepts and principles of a domain, enabling stakeholders to discuss the software design, or creating a common terminology. In addition low-level models are used to describe many details of the implemented system. As software implementations are created and evolve, the high-level models should be contained in the more detailed low-level models to make sure the implemented software is and stays consistent with the specification developed with the help of domain experts. To address this research problem, CONTAINER will develop and evaluate new automated containment checking techniques for the widely used UML behavior diagrams, including activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and state charts.


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