Professional networks for women

There’s a broad variety of women’s networks in Austria. Ranging from large, internationally active networks with branches all over Austria (such as bpw or soroptimist) to young, more diverse networks who are locally active (in Vienna, but also online). The thematic focuses of womens’ networks in Austria are  as diverse as their members, ranging from cross-sector networks to specialized networks for specific fields and sectors, such as Women in AI Austria or the New ITGirls.

Other possibilities to increase visibility of your work is registering in an expert register, such as Frauendomäne or Femtech.  

We provide you with this non-exhaustive list of women’s networks in Austria to facilitate networking and encourage you to reach out and connect with other women in your area of research. This resource list is part of our efforts to increase the amount and visibility of women in research.


1. Cross-branch network


Club Alpha

Business & Professional women


International Women’s Forum Austria

Professional Women's Network Vienna chapter


2. Specialist networks



Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik femOVE

“Women in Mobility, Energy & Environment” Network



Women in ICT des Verband Österreichischer Software Innovationen

The New IT Girls

Women in AI Austria




Female Founders


3. Expert registers






4. General resources and information



Sheconomy News Portal

FEMtech (eine Initiative des BMK)


* updated last on 9th of Janury 2023

** kindly let us know if you miss a network

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