Life SciencesLife Sciences

Life sciences are clearly at the centre of science and technology policy in Vienna. The WWTF uses its two funding tools to provide substantial support to this segment of the sciences.

Life Sciences 2017 (currently open)

Mathematics and...Mathematics and...

Drawing on a long tradition, Vienna has produced numerous excellent scientists and initiatives in the field of mathematics. The WWTF funding programme employs a highly interdisciplinary approach.

Information and 
Communication TechnologyInformation and Communication Technology

Thanks to its many university-based and extra-university research institutes in the field of ICT, Vienna is particularly strong in this field.

Cognitive SciencesCognitive Sciences

Vienna has developed a specific strategy to promote the cognitive sciences. Part of this strategy is a WWTF programme to strengthen the scientific base.

Social Sciences 
and HumanitiesSocial Sciences and Humanities

An initiative of the Vienna Municipal Department for Culture and Science launched the Viennese Impulse Programme for the humanities, social and cultural sciences, the administrative side of which is handled by the WWTF.

Environmental Systems
ResearchEnvironmental Systems Research

Environmental Systems Research is an emerging discipline in Vienna. WWTF is fostering this field with the pilot project call “Environmental Systems Research: Urban Environments“.

Environmental Systems Research: Urban Environments (being processed)

Infrastructure ProgrammeUniversity Infrastructure Programme

Under this programme, the City of Vienna refunds the land tax paid by the universities, allowing them to invest these sums in high-quality tangible assets. The WWTF is charged with handling the administrative side.

UIP 2016 (currently open)

Vienna Research GroupsVienna Research Groups

This programme aims to hire excellent young researchers from abroad for the set-up of an independent research group at a Viennese university / research institution. The programme is funded by the City of Vienna / Wien Kultur.

Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators Call 2017 (currently open)